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    • Stone Management Sales Specialist

      The Stone Management Sales Specialist will aid in the direct sales of the company’s Stone Management and Bipolar disposable product lines. The incumbent calls on, and is responsive to, existing and prospective customers, in order to determine customer s needs, concerns, issues, problems and challenges. He/She will use this information to provide solutions to solve […]Read More »
    • Employee Retention Part 4

        When an employee decides to move on, it can be a tense situation. If you’re saying goodbye to a top performer or a long-time associate, there can certainly be hard feelings.  As we wrap up our series on Employee Retention, we wanted to take a look at how handling resignations can affect your current […]Read More »
    • How Tech Companies Try to Keep Talent

      The tech industry in California is cutthroat. These Internet giants are all competing for the same talent and they use progressive programs to revolutionize the employee experience. Read on to see what Silicon Valley leaders are doing and how you can borrow their tactics, or learn from their mistakes, to keep your talent happy.   […]Read More »
    • Employee Retention Part 2

      Suggested Intro:  Loyalty seems like something that you either have, or you don’t. But loyalty among employees can actually be a very fickle thing. Some of your longest tenured or most dedicated people may not stick around if conditions change, or were never right to begin with. Here are some of the fastest ways to […]Read More »
    • Employee Retention Part 1

      An employee’s value increases the longer they’re with a company. The best people are highly sought after, and more likely to get approached about opportunities elsewhere. Understanding what motivates talent to leave, and how to retain it, is key to reducing costs, growing productivity and creating a strong culture of performance. Title: Keeping Costs Down […]Read More »
    • Putting in the work to get recruits

      Suggested Intro: Now that we’ve looked at how to leverage several social media platforms for recruiting, we need to accept the reality that it’s not easy. Building a successful social media presence takes time and effort beyond just creating posts and status updates. Article Title: Social Media is a tool, but you have to put […]Read More »
    • Finding Top Talent with Facebook

        What started out as a college-exclusive way to meet your classmates, has quickly turned into the biggest worldwide social network for everyone from middle schoolers to senior citizens. Facebook has become more than status updates and pokes; now it’s a ready-made tool, perfect for companies everywhere. As of the fourth quarter of 2015, there […]Read More »
    • #Hired. Finding Top Talent with Hashtags.

        By now you’ve certainly heard of a hashtag. Social media has repurposed the pound sign and now uses it to tag posts and search topics in everything including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Over the past year, nearly everything has a hashtag, from public figures to current fads and trends. That is largely due […]Read More »
    • The Future of Finding Talent. Social Media Lessons for Recruiters.

      Trends show that more and more companies are using social media platforms to engage potential candidates. In fact, according to a recent article by Bently University, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates for jobs. And while LinkedIn may currently dominate the recruiting scene, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are catching up fast. Over […]Read More »
    • Beyond collecting resumes

      Why using a recruiter can boost your medical sales search. Using a recruiter can seem intimidating or time consuming. After all, some recruiters will just compile a stack of resumes and ship them over to you – only to collect a fee when you pick the person yourself. But using a recruiting team like Ann […]Read More »
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